News round-up 20.03.20

Villarreal round-up — your regular updates about the Yellow Submarine, teams and accomplishments. Curated content with a quick inside view of our club. Let’s keep moving forward, let’s ENDAVANT!

HISTORICAL PHOTO OF THE DAY: The Villarreal side that gained promotion in the 1991/92 season

With the COVID-19 pandemic, all sporting activity is still off here at Villarreal CF. The men’s first team are working from home and José Romero, their fitness coach, has been explaining what they’ve been doing. Check that out here.

We also have a feature on our website about our Girls U12 team (Alevín Femenino), and their ‘Fab Four’ strikers, who have 100 goals between them. Read that here.

Once more, we’ve been looking back at some historic moments from the club’s history. We have three for you to look back on. First of all, when Villarreal were promoted to Segunda División for the first time in 20 years in the 1991/92 season. Read that here. We then looked at our eight-match winning run at the end of the 2006/07 season. More here. And we’ve also looked at Gica Craioveanu, a legendary forward from our early days in the Spanish top flight. Check that out here.

Villarreal international content manager Thomas McIlroy has also been speaking to Villarreal USA about the current situation. Read that here and make sure you check out more from our largest English-language fans website.



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